What to expect


The sooner you let us know about a claim the sooner we can get you or your client back up and running.

Our approved vehicle repair network covers the length and breadth of the UK. They will arrange a courtesy car to be delivered to your door while your vehicle is collected and repaired.

If you think your vehicle may be a write off then by sending Sedgwick your MOT certificate, vehicle registration log and any finance agreements or purchase receipts you might have this may speed up processing of your claim.

Where an inspection of the vehicle is required Sedgwick use a network of qualified engineers to get the vehicle repaired and back on the road. Where the vehicle could be written off they will work with our handlers to agree a fair settlement.

Farm Combined

If you have a large loss we will arrange for a loss adjuster to come and assess the claim. They are there to help and advise – to make sure your claim is processed as quickly as possible.

They will help arrange for any repairs that are needed, arrange for interim payments where necessary and sort out alternative accommodation if this is required. Their aim is to make sure there is as little interruption to you and your business as possible.

Providing receipts, photos or other information that supports your claim will also help speed up the process.